Birthday SMS Greetings

Hallo friend
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Birthday sms greetings
Birthday sms greeting
Birthday sms greeting
Birthday sms greeting
Birthday sms greetings

Cute Birthday SMS

Hi Every Body
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Cut Birthday cards
This day when the most beautiful female mind was born,
is my most beautiful  day.
Luv and long liv
Happy Birthday
Cut Birthday sms
Cut birthday poem
The feeling i have
For you my love
Fill me with
So much bliss
I’m so glad
that you chose me
To love, caress
and kiss
To my sweetheart
Cut birthday greetings
Cut birthday wishes

Lovely Birthday SMS

Hi Friend
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Lovely Birthday SMS
For Your Birthday
This brings good
Wishes set in rhyme
For happiness in
Birthday Time
Lovely Birthday SMS
Hope your birthday’s happy
and your wishes all come true
And that every day
that follows
Brings happiness to you.
With Love To You
Lovely birthday sms
It was nice of you to stop by to wish me a
“Happy Birthday” It made my Birthday just a
Little bit more Special 🙂
Lovely Birthday sms
You are always thought of
in a very special way,
And you’re wished
the finest things in life
Today and every day!!
Happy Birthday U
Lovely birthday sms

With every passing birthday
We tend ignore the years
But it’s certainly extra-special
When your 70th appears!!

It’s a cause for celebrations
and congratulations too
Although it’s not the birthday that’s special
but the person it’s happening to….

Best Sms Birthday Wishes

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Best Sms Birthday Wishes

Thinking of you and the
Good times we spent
Make me smile!!!
Happy Birthday to a friend
Who’s always close
To my heart
Best Birthday SmS photo

 Best Sms Birthday Wishes Brother
On this very special day
I’d like to say to you
I hope your Birthday’s
Filled with love
and all your
Dreams come True
Best sms birthday wishes

Having a brother
as nice as you
just fills my heart
With joy
Hence this card delivers
Warm thoughts
and love to a
Special Birthday
Happy Birthday
Best sms birthday wishes
Wishing you all the great
Thing in life. Hope this day will
Bring you an extra share of all that
Makes you the happiest
Best sms birthday wishes

Best Sms Birthday Message
I can hardly believe
That our little one
has grown up to be
a Wonderful young man!!
Happy Birthday
To You
Wishing you
success, joy
And happiness always

Happy Birthday SMS Message

Hallo Friend
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Happy Birthday SMS message

To my dearest grandparent
With lots of love, today
and every day…
Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday SMS message

Remembering The good times…
We’ve had together…
On your Birthday
And always!!
Missing you
and Wishing you
a very
Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a Wonderful celebrataon
Happy Birthday sms message photo

You kindness takes
my breath away
And your good nature
melts the heart
i hope this card
reminds you of my love
even though we’re
far apart
Happy sms message birthday wishes
You are so very special
in oh so many ways
I truly hope
you realist…
How much you
brighten up the days
Happy Birthday SMS Message Photo
I missed your Birthday
Hop your day
was really special
A very happy
Belated Birthday
To you

Birthday Massage for girlfriend

If the few years spent with you are any indication of how happy we will together in the future i can’t wait to see what lies ahead.**HAPPY Birthday Darling
Birthday Massage for girlfriend

The best sight in the world is you look at you smile. I hope what I’ve got planned for you Birthday brings many smiles on your face that last a lifetime ^^^HAPPY Birthday^^^
Birthday for girlfriend

***Happy Birthday*** May lies Brightest   Joys illuminate your path and may each days journey make your dreams come true
Wish for your girlfriend

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing but in looking outward together in the same direction.
Happy Birthday girlfriend

May all your wishes come true……………………………………………………………………………………Love You Jan
Massage for girlfriend Birthday

Birthday Massage For Girlfriend

I didn’t true love existed until. I met you, Today i believe in love and i believe angels to..HAPPY Birthday My Dear
Birthday Massage for girlfriend

Today on your Birthday i want to make a promise that i will love you forever and be with you during the good and the bad time. Wishing you a very HAPPY Birthday Sweetheart..
Nice Birthday sms for girlfriend

The best Birthday gift that. I can give you is my unconditional love, devoted attention and a strong commitment that i will be with you and look after you now and forever *Happy Birthday*
Birthday sms for girlfriend

No amount of money can buy a present that matches the priceless felling of love that you have showered upon me. I hope you like the gift that I’ve got for you (HAPPY Birthday)
Birthday massage for girlfriend

If feel as if the last few years spent with you have been a dream. How could i have ever managed to have a girlfriend so sweet. sO caring, so sweet. so caring, so party and so understanding like you!!!Thanks for making all my dreams come true baby……HAPPY Birthday*
Birthday for boyfriend

Birthday For girlfriend

Your Birthday may be today but with you around, life seems like a celebration every single day.
Let’s raise a toast to yet another awesome and fun filled celebration today///HAPPY Birthday
Birthday For girlfriend

I know you Birthday comes only once every year. But did you know that I try a special Birthday girl every single day of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING
Wish for girlfriend

I want to be first one to speak on the your Birthday. I want Tobe first one to wish you in person on your Birthday. I want to be first one to hug you on your Birthday.. and i definitely want to be the first and the only one to kiss you on your HAPPY BIRTHDAY  MY LOVE
birthday my girlfriend

You may have hundreds of friends who shower you with hundreds of girts on your Birthday. But no gift in the entire world can match the amount of love i have for you …….I LOVE YOU
Birthday wish for my girlfriend

How do i wish a girlfriend who has a beautiful face, a beautiful mind, a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful parson on earth^^^
Birthday for my girlfriend

A national holiday should be declared today because it is prettiest and most beautiful woman in the whole world….HAPPY Birthday SWEETHEART
Birthday wish for your girlfriend

If my life was a garden you would have been the only rose, blooming 365 day of the year. This Birthday Wish come with a rose, just to remind you how Beautiful you are my dear love ..HAPPY Birthday my love
Birthday for girlfriend

Birthday Massage For your Girlfriend

I want to be the shoulder that you cry on.. I want to be the pillar of support that you can lean on..I want to be the ear you can confide you deepest secrets in..I want to be the parson you want to hold on to forever.. HAPPY Birthday SWEETHEART
Birthday Massage for you Girlfriend

On your Birthday, I wish all you dreams come true and you get everything in life that makes you HAPPY
Wishing you a HAPPY Birthday
Birthday for wishes girlfriend

On your Birthday, I am reminder of how much my love grows for you as each year passes by,Be mine forever , sweetheart^^^^^HAPPY Birthday
Birthday  for Girlfriend

The moments spent with you are going to be memories that will stay with me for a lifetime. Let’s raise a lifetime full of happy memories and togetherness Wishing you a HAPPY Birthday My Dear.
Birthday for girlfriend

Looking at how amazing the last few years of my life have been with you, I can’t wait to spend yet another exciting, loving, warn and fun new year of you life…^^HAPPY Birthday Your Darling Name
Wishes for your girlfriend