Cool Birthday Song

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Cool Birthday Song

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You say it’s your birthday
Well it is my birthday too yeah
They say it’s your birthday
Yes we’re going to a party
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we are going ta party
I would like you to dance Birthday
Take a cha-cha- chance Birthday
I would like you to dance Birthday
You say it’s your birthday
Well it’s my birthday too yeah
You say it’s your Birthday
We’re gone have a good time
……..Happy Birthday To You…..
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A DaY In LiFe
This is most popular song in the world
I read the news today oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well i just had to laugh and
I saw the photograph
He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights had
They’d seen his face before,
Nobody was really sure if he was from
the house of lords
I saw a film today oh boy
The English army  had just won the war
A crowd of people turned away
But i just had a look
Having read the book
I’d love to turn you on…
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Birthday Funny Photo

Today is the day of celebrating the life of a person. Who gives more than what they get, Who loves more than how much they are loved and who gives better parties than most other people,, Happy Birthday, Have a pair of skates coast year full speed.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a twinkle in your eyes. An a aroma in your bedroom A smile on your lips and a happy thought in your head. That happens to everyone on their Birthday when they have been good throughout the year. My best wish is always all happiness with you.Happy Birthday

What is friendship? Friendship is not something that is written on put pen to,  Because paper can be torn.It is neither something that can be written on a solid as a for even a rock can break.. But It’s written on the heart of a person/
and it stays there forever die
So wishes you a very Happy birthday and joyous us happiness ahead.

I hope that you don;t die before you eat your cake. Cause your special day will came,

How do you expect me your birthday to remember. When you not look any older.

We are prayers of your parents, relatives and friends are the guarantee that you ar loved be the whole around the world and your birthday become special day  when all of these personality wish you with sweet wishes and gifts for you. i wishes you Happy birthday of @your special day
Birthday funny awesome card
Birthday wishes card

This is two very nice and high Quality birthday wishes card. We think your better way wishes birthday for your nearest parson. It;s the better way collated the photo and send birthday wish photo
We are some text massage written hear See under the page

!.It’s a dedicated ceremoney. But not wedding. The easy way to tell id it’s your birthday
hallo hallo hallo have a smile in all the way and have your lovely Happy Birthday.

2.I many not be your side celebrating your special day with you.
But i want to you know that i thinking of your wish Happy Birthday/

3.See Birthday Two tips
A. Forget the your past, You can not change it
B. Forget the present, I did not get you one

4.If friends are all about felling you do the right thing, Then i urgent you that the right thing to do now is to party and celebrate  right away. Let’s paint the town red; Happy Birthday.
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funny birthday
nice birthday funny

Funny Wishes Photo

Hear Some Text Wishes Massage For friend

**(Happy Birthday Beautiful day, Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Happy Birthday to U my dear.)

**(Birthday are special days that allow us to celebrate day you came into our lives I hope today is full of fun and celebration.)

**(Let’s Break out the cake, candles and don’t forget fire extinguisher! And be prepared for the next. Happy Birthday Dear)

**(I hope you birthday brings you everything you have ever wished for Happy Birthday friend.)

**(Days may come and go
Ever remembering day is “birthday
Who remembers your
Only few close of you
I am one among them
Wish you Happy Birthday.)
Funny Birthday Cat
Funny Birthday
Jose Funny Birthday
Funny Birthday cat
Birthday funny Cat

Birthday Wishes card For All

We are know that birthday are an important cerebration of our life they make the molestations and footprints of our lives. A best friend give so much to our lives and it is little wonder that for many peoples. It is very important to celebrate their Birthday in style. We are and thousands people upon thousands happy birthday wishes for their best friend. What is the most valuable gift for your best friend? I think a good wishes a Birthday massage is the best valuable gift for your best friend.
And a Birthday card. Card that truly expresses your feeling or a meaningful birthday.
So We are collated some amazing high quality birthday massage and birthday card.
your are see the all photo and wishes your Friend.
Birthday Wishes Awesome card
Birthday wish Gift Photo
Invited birthday card
Wishes birthday card
Ch0oklet Color awesome birthday wishes card

Birthday Wish Card Cd and Cover

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You’re not getting older, You’re just getting better
Like berries on the vine
If you sit and wait, If you can hesitate
They just get better with time
You’re not getting older, You’re just getting better
It’s a fact i know it’s true
Another year older never looked so good as it looks on you
You’re not getting older, You’re just getting finer,
more diviner-hey, Just spikes you sex appeal
Who ever knew that little ol” You could still turn heads that way
Another year older never looked so good as it looks on you today
Birthday candles on the cake,
Enough to light the room
The fire trucks will all pull up
if you don’t blow em out soon!!
You’re not getting older, you’re simply more appealing
 You’re just hitting your prime
To look at you would prove it’s true
One can turn back the hands of time
Like a good wine that mellows with time
You’re proving that it’s true
Another year older never looked so good as it looks on you

Happy BirThday
Birthday wishes who can complete the cover

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They Say You’re 40

They say you’re 40, they must be joking
The was you’re looking, so hot you’re smoking!!
Did you see the mirror? Did you look real close?
Are you sassing me now? is this a joke?
They say  you’re 40, they must be lying
With looks like yours there’s no denying
The heads are tarring , so hot you’re burning!!
Now let’s  be clear, is that what i hear?
They say you’re 40, they must be lying
With looks like yours there’s no denying
The heads are tarring, So hot you’re burring!!
Now let’s be clear, is that what i hear?
They say you’re 40, what are they crazy?
Did anyone of  them see you lately?
You could cause an earthquake when your hips shake
volcanoes crypt when you strut your stuff
  They say you’re 40, who? You?
I need some proof, It can’t be trues
Show me a birth certificate
Cause you’re looking so terrificate
There’s no denying they must be lying
They say you’re 40, are you really?
I couldn’t tell, youre looking swell
You could have fooled me, you’re looking 20
How do you do it, I couldn’t tell
Are you really 40, is it so?
No signs of aging here, way to go!!
You could stop traffic, you’re so attracrive
No signs of deterioration, just signs of will celebration
Are you really 40, Well then let’s party
Have a happy Birthday bring it down!
You know you it, You know you got it
Oh you still got it, You sissy thing!!
Birthday card level and Cover

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Big Birthday Cake

Hallo, We are Birthday celebration on my house. Birthday time for cats cake start birthday party. We are birthday celebrant singing song and joking, Birthday we are ware a new dress. Our friend and our Neighbor, Every invited parson wishes for us. Every birthday is the most importer day our life, in this day we are came in the world and start a new life, Everybody remember there birthday. I think birthday is the one of them day on one years
In hear some Big-Big Birthday cake
Big birthday cake
Big birthday cake for boss
Cake decorating
Big birthday cake boss
Big birthday cake hat

Birthday wishes funny photo for your girlfriend/boyfriend
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Birthday wishes funny photo
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Birthday wishes photo
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Your plan to make your girlfriend birthday wishes different way to them. You must see this, Here is some awesome high quality beautiful birthday wishes funny photo. Birthday is the most important day in our life. Its day came after one year late, in the day we are born, Our birthday take the opportunity to cherish old memories and plan the new year how go to ahead. we are birthday celebrating begins of a new year in our life. I know every birthday wishes touch our heart, If it birthday beautiful funny photo of course touch our heart. So we are collected some awesome high quality birthday wishes funny photo for your girlfriend/boyfriend, You are see its and choose your likable birthday wishes funny photo and wishes your girlfriend/boyfriend, and share with your friend and help for you’s.

Birthday wishes for kids funny

Hallo Everyone, we are offer awesome beautiful high quality Birthday Funny cartoon picture, your have need any type Birthday Wishes  Photo Massage card wishes picture, see this site and collect your own photo and MASSAGE and share your friend BiRtHDay
Funny Birthday Wishes for kids
Birthday wishes for kids funny
Birthday wishes for kids funny
Birthday wishes for your wife
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Birthday Funny photo For your lover

Human life is like a bubble which must burst after a sort time. But even in his short span of life a man may come across a good number of days associated with various memories, Never to be forgotten. Undoubtedly these days vary in importance as well as in degree. After all they are memorable…we are Birthday.
Birthday Funny Photo for lover
funny photo for kids
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Wishes Funny Photo
Funny Photo for Kide

Birthday Wishes awesome Card

How to Observe A Birthday Party
In order to observe a Birthday party. you have to do certain things. First you have to invite your friends and relatives. Secondly you have to decorate yours house nicely. you can hang colorful balloons below the ceiling. Thirdly, you have to prepare some delicious items of food for the guests. You must put on your nice dress on the day. Fourthly you have to arrange a birthday cake. On the cake your name and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” should be inscribed. After the arrival of the guests, you will light the candle After that you will cut the cake amidst the chorus”Happy Birthday To You…”Then you will serve the foods to the guests. You can make a arrangement of exceptional entertainment for the guests. Finally you must thank all the guests for participating in the party. Thus you can arrange a Birthday party.
Birthday wishes card
Birthday wishes card
Birthday wishes awesome card
Birthday wishes awesome card
Awesome birthday wishes card
Nice Birthday wishes card